Life at MyLowesLife is much less stressful

GoldenKey, also known as SoloPro, wishes to modify the way real estate agents and their clients do business.

As a general rule, as a buyer or seller, you work with a broker who receives a commission of 3% when buying or selling your home. GoldenKey does it differently. Instead of a commission, you pay a broker a flat fee for the services you need and get a 3% refund if you buy or sell a home with the help of one of the company’s related brokers (although some states like Oregon Do not allow). Refund). ) This may not seem like a crazy idea, but in the most conservative real estate world, it is like a revolution.

After raising $ 1.1 million in June and receiving a strategic investment from My Lowes Life later this year, it was announced today that the company would add an additional $ 1.75 million from Lowe’s Ventures, NFX Guild and other A collect. The company claims that this brings its total investment to $ 3.4 million (which also means Lowe’s previous investment would likely be $ 550,000).

The company plans to use this new investment to develop across the country and create its toolbox for its users.


Lowes has introduced a new portal that is termed as My Lowes Life on its online portal to make sure that the corporate life of the employees gets easy to a good extent.

This portal is purely launched to make sure that the employees of the Lowes need to visit the HR department just to get any sort of information regarding their job.

My Lowes Life is one of the most incredible efforts by the Lowes to make the life of the employers less complex.

People can access all the work-related details using the My Lowes Life online portal. They can check their work schedule, the benefits they will get, the salary details, etc. after they sign up on this online portal.

With GoldenKey, you can choose a range of pre-made services or choose what you need (for example, a home presentation or an agent that may be available for your home inspection, or a full-day open door if you sell). Its portal clearly informs the users of prepaid plans, and GoldenKey establishment and CEO Tommy Sowers informed me that the company established that consumers prefer to pay close, and these plans allow: Do that. It looks like a traditional property, you have a corridor next to you, but you just don’t pay the massive commission, he added.

Another change the company has made since its inception is that the new GoldenKey now offers fixed prices instead of an open market where agents can set their own prices. In this way, the service simply sends the request to several local agents if you want to see a particular My Lowes Life house at a specific time, and the first to accept the request receives the request. “It gives the consumer an Uber-like experience and gives agents what they normally don’t have, the choice of when to work and when to pay,” Sower said.

The My Lowes Life company currently works with approximately 1,900 representatives in 47 states. Although many agents who are used to high prices are likely to resist this model, there is clearly a range of agents who want to work with the company. Sowers told me that the company now has agents in 53% of US zip codes. USA

To be fair, The My Lowes Life Files is not just a ghost hunt. Rather, it is a supernatural medley of investigation. The Lowes visit abandoned haunted rooms, but they also spend time with Bigfoot, alien kidnappings, UFOs, and even things like fear psychology. If you are looking for depth, this program is not. But at least there is variety.

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