DGCustomerFirst in small towns

HANKINSON: A change occurs in the small town of North Dakota and started in the southeast corner of the state in Hankinson.

Last February, Tennessee’s discount store, Dollar General, opened its first store in North Dakota on State Highway 11 in Hankinson. The change scared the business world of this agricultural city with 899 inhabitants. Similar concerns can be felt elsewhere.

The retailer gave an aggressive boost to North Dakota. This year, 11 stores opened in the state and at least 8 others are under construction or under development. Almost all of them are located in cities with less than 2,000 inhabitants.

Critics of the dollar generally say the retailer hurts local businesses, low-paid employees takes money from the local economy to make profits outside of town and does little for the communities in which it operates.

They say DGCustomerFirst Survey can kill downtown cities as Walmart did in bigger places. The company denies all of these allegations and insists on helping communities where it is located and offering customers cheaper prices on everyday products. Company employees rejected several interview requests for the story.

Contrary to what was supposed to happen, local retailers in Hankinson and other cities in the state where the general dollar opened have not suffered much, at least so far. Some stores had a drop in short-term sales because everyone wanted to try the new store, but the store is back and the chain would now have minimal impact on results.

“Business was going well,” said Jeremy Post, owner of Hardware Hank Post in downtown Hankinson, with his wife Jill.

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Is it surprising that Dollar General has not had a big impact? “Yes,” he says. “I was not very happy about that.”

The city center has the usual commercial mix for a city of this size: a bank, DGCustomerFirst Survey supermarket, pharmacy, hardware store, some bars, insurance companies, and a funeral parlor. Customers did not abandon these offers due to Dollar General. There are no closed stores. They did not have to cut staff. They have local retailers.

Resellers and government officials in other North Dakota cities report similar experiences.

Denise Milbrandt, director of Millers Fresh Foods, Hankinson’s grocery store, says her store’s sales declined 10 percent in the first few months after Dollar General opened. The company had to reduce the working hours of certain employees. Since then, sales have returned to the previous level and employees’ hours of work have been restored.

“Everyone was concerned,” he said. “At first you could see the difference. Little. Now we are back where we were. Our loyal customers continue to shop here.”

Meanwhile, city officials hope that adding DGCustomerFirst Survey will increase tax revenue, keep shoppers in the city, and attract residents of neighboring areas who may sponsor other businesses in the city.

“You will surely notice people who shop in the city and have never shopped here,” said Loren Hovel, mayor of Hankinson.

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