A fantastic work by UPSers delivery guy

During the unloading of the boxes, Reggin placed three packages in different containers outside the company, investigators said.

The packages included nearly $ 2,000 in technical equipment, including two Kindle, an iPad 7, and a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Video surveillance received by Miami police showed Reggin returned Monday night in a 2015 silver Nissan Altima to pick up the packages.

The next day, Reggin went back to work at the Nektova factory and helped unload another 2,500 boxes. On Tuesday, when it was unloaded, he took three more boxes, according to court records, adding that he had put one under a trash can and the other two in another container.

A manager at the Nektova facility was later informed that a package had been seen underneath a landfill, according to a statement. The manager reviewed the rest of the containers and found two more packages.

The packages included an HP laptop and two Sony PlayStation 4 consoles. According to court records, the products were worth more than $ 1,000.

The facility manager verified the security images and immediately notified a UPSers investigator.

Miami police and UPS investigators were on site Tuesday night to investigate when Reggin passed the building.

When Reggin noticed that the police were there, he fled the scene, but was arrested a few blocks away, investigators said.

Police searched the car and found two matches in the trunk. They said they stopped the documents and Reggin admitted to stealing the packages. He told investigators that an iPad 7 and Microsoft Surface Pro were at his Miami home and that investigators were on-site to collect the items, according to court documents.

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“UPSers is working with the police and the person is no longer employed by the company,” UPS spokesman Matthew O’Connor said in a statement to Fox News.

We will send further comments to the relevant authorities, he added.

A UPSers driver was photographed trying to hide a large package so as not to spoil a Christmas surprise for a child in the New York home.

Driver Josh Satkin dropped a large box last Thursday in Warwick, an hour’s drive northwest of Manhattan, but the box clearly showed it was an ATV, WABC-TV reported.

The video shows Satkin leaning against the garage door in front of two large trash cans before handling the cardboard.

Owner Mike Delaney posted the video on his Facebook page with a thank you message to the caring driver who tried to hide the gift.

Delaney wrote: If your UPS driver is the man and he makes sure the kids don’t see presents! Thank you, man!

He added: “Because everyone is asking him. He said he hid the package so that our children would not see it.”

Delaney and his wife Megan said they would receive notifications on their phones if the camera knocked on someone at the door.

I look at the box and say Oh no, said Megan Delaney, answering what she saw on her cell phone while she was with her children.

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